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Spring Roll 3.75

     Marinated mixed vegetables wrapped with rice paper then fried

Edamame 3.95

     Steamed Japanese soybeans sprinkled with a light of salt

Age Tofu 4.50

     Soft Japanese tofu tempura with special sauce

Gyoza 4.95

    Japanese pork pot stickers, served steamed or fried

Shumai 4.95

     Chinese dim sum shrimp appetizer, served steamed or fried

Fried Tofu 4.95

     Deep fried tofu with house dipping sauce

Summer Roll 5.75

     Grilled chicken , lettuce , bean sprouts , carrots , and cucumber wrapped in rice paper

Shrimp in the blanket 5.95

     Rice skin stuffed with luscious of shrimp

Crab Rangoon 6.95

     Cheese blended with imitation crab stuffing in a light golden bag with a hint of curry

Grill Calamari 6.95

     Grill whole calamari served with ponzu sauce

Soft Shell Crab 7.95

     Soft shell crab, fried and served with ponzu sauce

Fried Calamari 7.95

     Fried, battered calamari rings served with tangy plum sauce and ground peanuts